Dream of U.K. Cult

I was in the U.K. with my daughter and an English guy started getting on my case because I was eating something that was “illegal” and he was really aggressive.  I looked at him and gently told him “do you see I have my daughter here with me” and then put her down, went outside and found his crowd of people who were really angry with me, they were all wearing blue shirts so I told them all in a loud voice “I’ve been in lots of cults like you, I know how you operate.  It’s ridiculous what you are doing.  I don’t have a problem with cults but how you’re manipulating people is completely ridiculous.” 

I woke up full of energy, and realized actually the culty people were trying to pretend to be a hotel, like the Ritz Carlton or something like that (which was a cult in itself — I used to work for Marriott in Florida and they have a total pyramidical cult system the H.R. department institutes).


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