Antarctica Base Dream

A base being built in Antarctica in the harsh cold, so we could simulate a space station somewhere on another planet.  Alex Jones was there and people were sort of just having a good time, and drinking beer.  I had hastily grabbed a bunch of jackets to pack, not really sure if it was warm enough.  People from my family seemed to be there too as there was a mixup in my dream between my house in Florida and the base.

Outisde it was sunny while they were loading people into these large tubes to endure the harsh winter, but the sunshine was strong enough you could endure the outdoor temperature.   When we were locked in there however horrible thing started to happen.

At first it was pretty fun and felt like camping out with a bunch of friends, except many were quite professional and knowledgeable about various fields.  Then suddenly people started getting murdered and no one knew how or what to do about it.  Suddenly there were a bunch of bodies strewn about and they had this greenish hue to their corpses, as if the light were distorted in certain areas as they lay there.  We soon found out it was some kind of incredibly volatile and difficult to engage creature going around killing them, and the people trying to stop the thing were hardly helping at all.  A group of people were trying to help a girl that was being stalked by the hunter and telling her “take a couple of snakes and twist them together, that seems to work” and she had these two little snakes she was holding and trying to manipulate, but the creature was already starting to kill her.  The people watched from behind a door and were like “oh, no. . . “ 

The disturbing part of the dream however was not just the fact we couldn’t stop the killings but tha some people just wanted to continue on with their daily lives as though nothing was happening.  They felt it was best not to talk about it, but I spoke to some people as I was waking up saying “hey, this thing is going to kill all of us.”  That was the strange thing, it was even difficult to say this.  There was this spirit of apathy and fear of even talking about what was happening.

Lastly, I felt the tubes we were loaded into had been prepared from before and were dropped there by airforce or government, rather than having been built on-site.


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