The YOUTH have got the POWER! Alas so FEW use it for the Kingdom of God, too ashamed of Jesus Christ!

Amen, I think we need both, just like you are doing with all your heart physically digitally and spiritually!

Young people have much more power than they realise. In the next video it shows how nice young people personally canvas to their peers and to their older generation – ON THE STREETS! – for ‘Le Front Nationale’ of Marine Le Pen for Patriotism and Nationalism.  I think it is great to be a patriot -to love your own people- , but “nationalism” has been the curse of centuries, heavily exploited by the Intl Bankers to foster wars and international wars like WW1, WW2, and imminent WW3! [SEE video & article, and then our post!]

France: Youth Backing Le Pen – “Nearly 40% of French 18-24 year olds support Le Pen and FN”. This is far higher than young voters polled for Brexit or Trump. Landslide incoming?

All over Europe, the socialists and globalists and EU nationalists are losing the plot. In less than a generation they have destroyed European…

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3 thoughts on “The YOUTH have got the POWER! Alas so FEW use it for the Kingdom of God, too ashamed of Jesus Christ!

  1. That was all true and yet for some reason I cannot stand your friend, he would never have won me to the Lord, he has too much PRIDE!!!


  2. Your friend reminds me of my mother, whatever I do in her eyes is never good enough, instead of seeing the good and the potential to do better and offering encouragement, she just sees all the faults and everything that is bad about me and all the mistakes that I have made and when you have had a lifetime of someone like that it just destroys you and demoralises you totally! I probably shouldn’t have posted that goat song, I’m not saying that he’s a goat but it just makes me angry when I come across this attitude in others because I know what a negative effect it has had upon me over the years. I’m so thankful that God is not like that with us, He sees all of our faults, weaknesses, sins, errors, faults, and all the rest of it, all day and every day and yet He is long-suffering and forever merciful towards us because despite all of our faults & failings, He sees the great potential that He has put within each of us. Everyone knows, at least those that have worked with children or have children of their own that children do much better when they are encouraged, even if they have made a mess of things you can still find something good about what they have done and harp upon those things and then you see their happy little faces go away all full of confidence and self-belief in themselves and they do so much better afterwards. I often wonder what the statistics are of how many people never reached their full potential in life because they had some negative, hyper-critical, fault finding person who was blessed with super confidence, superior intellect, or whatever wondrous things they feel they do that somehow gives them the special right to then start looking down on others from their lofty towers and pointing the finger at others. I just thank God that the person that introduced me to the living loving Jesus really did demonstrate to me in his words and actions through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, just how loving, long-suffering, understanding, humble, compassionate, and forever merciful Jesus really is because probably I wouldn’t be alive today and writing this comment if he hadn’t have done! We all need to look in the mirror every day and be reminded of just how human we really are, the only good in any of us is Jesus and ONLY Jesus so none of us can boast! All Glory to God!


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