Trump manages to piss off 50% of his base in a day! UNLESS.. Trump’s been hijacked & threatened by the Deep State & forced to speak & do what he does?

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

I didn’t fall for Trump. I knew there was a snake in the grass somewhere. Nobody gets into government in the USA without the OK of the Deep State. That’s just the way it is. Why? Because of the stupidity of the American people who have believed the system media lies for a hundred years! Trump followers still believe Fox News, because it is supporting Trump, not realising that Fox is just as much a divider of the people as all the leftist media, so they can divide and conquer them.

The Evilgelicals believe “Israel” is the chosen people of God although they have bombed innocent Palestinians to threads, stole their lands, cut their olive trees, stole their water, imprisoned their children, etc., and that somehow is Biblical??? And so America is subservient to the Zionists who run the show for the Bankers. And they have for almost a century…

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