Endless Oceans of Grace and the New Shore

The Spirit and the Bride say COME

Mystic Mama Storm

woman-1906530_1280“Come! Come, my beloved and jump into something new with me. This is a place where you can swim deep and not worry about coming up for breath. Just rest and find endless oceans of grace flowing around you, don’t worry about what is next but just come swim with me.

See the deep places but do not be afraid or turn away. For my glory is right here in this place.

Come look deeply into my eyes and into my what I am doing. Can you keep up with these rolling waves? No. Don’t swim against them but let them roll and draw you into my arms.”

So I let go and release my life into your endless rolling waves of grace. I can feel them coming relentlessly but they do not bring pain but they bring acceleration pushing me close and closer to a new shore. You are…

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