Human & cattle mutilations since 1954 carried out by devils in UFOs shot down by NATO? Richard Hall VDO

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

This thorough documentary in 4 parts is an update on an earlier edition of this UFO connected animals and human mutilation in England, Scotland, Wales area. There are more interviews and conclusions than last time. Again the report was repeated by the anonymous 58 team member about the “aliens” that you wouldn’t want to meet them nor mess with them. Why? “Because they are devils!” I think that this is the most proper explanation of this phenomenon. Whereas I have a feeling that Richard hall the documentary maker believes that they are “aliens’, I as a Christian believe that they are actually demons or devils that somehow are harvesting organs and body parts. These “devils” were very quick able to cover distances in split seconds and the 58 team did not deal with them personally. That part of the job was left to the Americans who had experience with them.

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