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Super Plexis is a 16-bit tribute to classic puzzle fighters like Tetris Attack, the Puzzle League series, and Meteos, set in a fantasy world designed to recapture the sights and sounds of old-school Super Nintendo games. Featuring a cast of characters with their own unique abilities, a full world map packed with unlockables, and a robust multiplayer environment for competitive matchmaking; Super Plexis is both a breath of fresh air for casual players, and a twist on the formula for veterans seeking a fast-paced, skill-based puzzle game.

  • Hand-drawn, frame-by-frame pixel art animation! No splines, tweens, or tricks here. In the world of Len, characters use sound and instruments to control their boards. Look at them go!
  • Fast and freeform gameplay! This ain’t your grandma’s match-3 puzzle game. Swap blocks freely to set up huge chain combos that send massive attacks to your opponent.
  • Real-time multiplayer: a lost art in today’s puzzle games, which are usually relegated to a casual, solo affair. Not Super Plexis! Speed counts almost as much as strategy, it’s your board vs theirs. May the best player win.
  • Hundreds of levels in Adventure mode! If PvP isn’t your thing, enjoy exploring the world of Len in a “Super Mario World-style” map with tons of challenges and battles against A.I. controlled opponents. Find treasures, items, and earn blocks to spend in the shop.
  • Customization! Express yourself by unlocking special character and block skins. Choose a portrait that catches your eye, and try all the characters to find just the right fit for your play style. Each one has unique stats and abilities that affect gameplay.
  • Take a stroll through the gallery! Enjoy perusing through your many achievements, gazing at the high detail battle backgrounds, and reading up on character backstories. There’s also a music player to listen to your favorite tunes.


Play the beta for free on the iOS App Store! As our fully-featured-proof-of-concept, it’s the perfect taste of all content you can expect to see in future versions of the game on all platforms. But we need your help to get there! Our initial goal will fund the creation of a multi-platform engine that will get Super Plexis running on Android (with cross-play multiplayer on iOS) and completion of Adventure mode. From there, our stretch goals include utilizing that engine for a fully realized PC release on Steam and beyond!

Stretch Goal Details

New Game +

After clearing Adventure mode the first time, restart for a fully remixed experience with tougher challenges, bigger rewards, and even more secrets!

New Game Mode: Boss Rush

Fans of classic puzzle game single player will feel right at home. Pick a difficulty, character, and go hard as you enter back-to-back battles with all the games characters for unique rewards and unlockables. Can you survive with no continues?

2 New Characters with Unique Abilities

8 characters are planned for the full release of Super Plexis, this stretch goal will increase that number to 10! Each character brings new ways to play with unique stats and abilities.

2 New Areas added to Adventure mode

An expanded Adventure mode experience with new items, a huge batch of new levels, and rewards! The world of Len just got a lot bigger.

2 Bonus Characters with Unique Abilities

Bring the character roster up to 12! These bonus characters offer even more variety to gameplay, and they may not be who you expect!

Steam release on PC / Mac!

A fully realized Steam version of Super Plexis with an all new control scheme and a focus on competitive online multiplayer. With much more screen real estate, and a complete UI refresh, it’s back to the basics with side-by-side boards and local multiplayer battles!

Nintendo Switch version!

Get classic puzzle action back on a Nintendo console! With two controllers built in, the Switch is the perfect puzzle fighter machine for playing side-by-side with friends. This version will include all the features of the Steam release.

“Puzzle Action RPG”

Once upon a time, Super Plexis was what we call a “Puzzle Action RPG”. An Earthbound-style world with a story, quests, loot, a Resident Evil 4-style inventory, and best of all: puzzle battles! But the project proved too ambitious for our small team at the time, and only ever reached the prototype stage.

With proper funding, we’d be very excited to return to this much bigger vision for Super Plexis! The Puzzle Action RPG would be specifically for the Steam / Switch versions, as you might imagine some of the issues we ran into trying to fit that large of an experience on mobile phones. You can check out some very early footage of that prototype here:

(note: you’ll see that battles are rendered sideways because this was running on a phone at the time)


Matching/clearing blocks of 3 or more is standard in puzzle games, but Super Plexis is about defeating your opponent by directly affecting their board while protecting your own. When you make large matches, or create large chains of matches, you send “deadblocks” that clutter your enemy’s board. If a board gets too full and any block touches the top of the screen, that player will take damage and possibly lose if they don’t clear some room. In a pinch, players can use their “Super Plexis” meter to throw half the blocks on their board onto the enemy board. But it takes many matches to refill that meter, so use with discretion!

Take a break, take a breath, and get some practice by playing the much more chill Endless mode, with no opponent and a good old fashioned score counter. Or hop into Adventure mode and play through the levels designed to introduce you to specific game mechanics, solve puzzles, or fulfill certain timed-based challenges. You’ll also meet the strange A.I. named “M.A.V.S” who will guide you on your Adventure (just try not to hurt his feelings). 

When you’re ready to compete, enter matchmaking (Ranked or Unranked) to test your skill against other players online. Ranked matches count for or against your overall skill rating, so if you want to earn high-level Emblems you better practice up!

Win or lose, in any mode, all blocks cleared count toward your total “Lumina”, the currency of Len. Use Lumina to purchase characters, portraits, and skins! As gamers first and developers second, we take a firm stance against “pay-to-win” mechanics in any game, free or not. Because of this, everything in the shop is either optional or cosmetic to your overall experience of the game, there are no unfair advantages to be gained! This keeps a healthy, competitive playing field for all.


Unique Ability: Resonance – clears all of one selected color from the board.

Backstory: Aria comes from a small forest village in Loftwood. Being from a farming family, she uses hand bells (normally meant for cattle) to control her board. Aria is one of two characters available at the start of the game.


Unique Ability: Canon Barrage – sends a barrage of musical notes to the enemy board, dealing direct damage.

Backstory: Cleff, also from Loftwood, comes from a very musical family. His control method of choice is a harp that was made specifically for him using wood from ancient loftwood trees. Cleff is the other character available from the start of the game.


Unique Ability: Hourglass – activates a slow-motion effect where blocks fall slowly and the board doesn’t raise as fast.

Backstory: Wromp is an ancient creature rumored to roam the Loftwood forests. He surrounds himself with objects from his environment, hiding his true form. His board control technique involves blasting air out of a hollow trunk on his head like a brass instrument.


Unique Ability: Bombs – Lumina-powered explosives that can be drag-and-dropped onto the board to clear large portions of blocks.

Backstory: Vulmir is a quirky inventor and entrepreneur in the highly commercialized Azure city. He uses a harmonic rotating device around his neck to generate unique tones for board control.


Unique Ability: Freeze – Sends a deadly frost to the opponents board, temporarily freezing random blocks which cant be swapped or matched.

Backstory: A mysterious creature spotted near the sea-side town of Starport, Macktooth prefers to lay low and submerge himself in water up to this head. That leaves his mouth and deep bellowing voice as his primary method of board control.

A huge part of the charm and personality from classic SNES games comes from their distinct sound. We’ve done our research and committed to making original tunes and effects that match the C700 sound chip of the original Super Nintendo console. A perfect compliment to the 16-bit aesthetic! Here are just a few sample tracks to get you started:



… and many more tunes are on the way! Check out our Soundcloud for more:

Special Acknowledgement!

For believing in our project we believe you deserve some recognition! Either as yourself or as the name of your choice, we’ll be collecting the info of backers with pledges of $5 or above and listing them in a special section of the credits (after all, indie teams are so small that the credits would be too short without you guys!)

Digital Copy of Super Plexis

We’re in the unique position of being able to offer the current beta version of Super Plexis for free, but after funding the game’s life will be able to extend beyond mobile and onto new platforms such as Steam, and possibly even on the Nintendo eShop for the Switch. When that time comes, stretch goals reached or not, we owe all of our backers at $10 and above a digital copy of the game on the platform of their choice. If you prefer to stick to the mobile version, we have something special for you as well! See our next reward which comes paired with every digital copy…

Super Starter Pack!

This first pack of goodies is the perfect way to get a head start in your quest for completionism in Super Plexis! The Super Starter Pack, for backers pledging $10 or more, includes:

  • 5 Portrait Tokens
  • 2 Character Tokens
  • 1 Block Skin Token
  • 1 Character Skin Token

These tokens can be used in the shop to insta-unlock content of your choice that would normally cost blocks, or “Lumina”, the in-game currency. Each character, portrait, or skin only takes 1 token of its type to unlock. While this pack is designed with the current version of Super Plexis in mind, it will function in an equivalent way for future platforms as well.

Note: These tokens can only be used to unlock content available in the shop, content locked behind level requirements can not be gained with tokens.

Digital Download of the Soundtrack

Before pixel art entered his life, Gabe was building melodies bit by bit using a midi keyboard. When the vision for Super Plexis became clear, the push for authentic SNES tunes to match the 16-bit aesthetic became a major part of development. Nearly every menu, game type, Adventure area, and battle theme will continue be given their own lovingly crafted tune, adding up to a substantial collection of music designed to sound and feel like the classics. All these jammin’ beats and themes will be sent as a digital album to backers pledging $20 or more!

Premium Power Pack!!

This second pack is full to the brim with tokens, perfect for players who want lots of variety right off the bat! The Premium Power Pack, for backers pledging $25 or more, and includes:

  • Kickstarter exclusive skin, “Lumina Master Cleff”
  • 12 Portrait Tokens
  • 5 Character Tokens
  • 3 Block Skin Tokens
  • 3 Character Skin Tokens

As mentioned previously, tokens are used to redeem content in the shop as an alternative to spending Lumina. Each character, portrait, or skin only takes 1 token of its type to unlock.

Note: This pack replaces the “Super Starter Pack” in your backer rewards.

Lumina Royalty Pack!!!

If there was such a thing as all-access, VIP pass in the world of Len, the Lumina Royalty Pack would be it. Kings and Queens have no need for tokens. Royalty either owns everything or nothing at all! Backers pledging $40 or more get this third pack, which includes the Kickstarter exclusive skin “Lumina Master Cleff” but skips tokens for a much larger prize: an unlimited supply of Lumina! Backers at this tier won’t need to concern themselves with budgeting their time and resources, and can instead focus on dominating in Ranked matches for Emblems, or seeking out the remaining content that Lumina can’t buy in Adventure mode. After all, even in this world, some things are priceless.

Note: This pack replaces the “Premium Power Pack” in your backer rewards.

Commission a Pixel Portrait

Portraits are the go-to form of self expression when playing against others in Super Plexis, so why not go the extra mile and get one personally made for you? You can fit a lot of personality in just 46 x 46 pixels of space, just tell us what you want to see and we’ll make it (for any backer pledging $50 or more)! Or provide a drawing or photo for us to use as reference. If you happen to be a pixel artist yourself, feel free to submit your own creation for review!*

*Self-submissions will be subject to changes depending on the content, quality, or sensitive nature of the work.

Talk to us! An Indie Game Dev Hangout

Backers in this tier ($75 or more) will be invited to live discussions with the team regarding everything from the design of Super Plexis to your own game projects if you’re a dev looking for some feedback! But even if you’re not a game dev, you’re welcome to join us as a fly on the wall as we talk through new content updates and plans for the future. We’ll aim to hold a decent number of these hangouts throughout the dev process so that everyone has a chance to come on at least once (depending on the amount and availability of backers).

Design a M.A.V.S. Conversation

M.A.V.S. is a friendly, but mysterious A.I. system that guides players through Adventure mode. His purpose is to teach players about the game, but he often strays from his intended functions in strange ways in the form of strange conversations. Backers at this tier ($100 or more) will be able to contribute ideas, suggestions, and even determine the conditions for a special M.A.V.S. conversation!

Create a Personalized Message / Easter Egg

With a pledge of $100 or more, write your own personalized message that will appear as an easter egg somewhere in Adventure mode. Make it humorous, foreboding, or even use it as a platform to confess your love! The choice is yours!*

* Certain restrictions on length and objectionable content may apply

Design a Timed Challenge

Timed challenges are a type of level in Adventure mode, requiring players to complete a specific task or set of tasks in under a certain amount of time. With a pledge of $200 or more, you can make yours as easy or as almost-impossible as you desire, as long as it is actually beatable! Weird and wacky challenges would also be accepted!

Design a Puzzle Challenge

Similar to the timed challenges, puzzle challenges are levels in adventure mode that require players to clear all blocks from the screen in a set number of moves. Pledges of $200 or more give you the chance to create your own! It may sound simple, but there is unlimited potential for new and creative puzzles!

Design a Block Skin

Backers in this tier ($250 or above) would have the option of communicating with the art team to bring their ideas to life, or by submitting sketches/pixel art of their own creation to use as reference. Your block skin will then be added into the final game!

Create a Character!

Collaborate closely with the team in this very special reward tier! For pledges at or above $300, you tell us your ideas and we’ll challenge ourselves to fit them into the game in a realistic way! Characters do more than just look good, they need a place in the World of Len, a specific sound or instrument associated with them, and finally a unique gameplay ability. If your head is already spinning with ideas, than this is the reward for you!

Featured Artist

Are you a pixel artist excited by the universe of Super Plexis and want your work featured in the final game? Do you have a style you feel would compliment the SNES aesthetic? Than consider this a chance to showcase your skills to a new audience! Backers with a $500 pledge or above would be offered an honorary position on the art team to complete a piece of their choice to be used in the final game: be it environmental art, a backgound, or even character animation! Contributions of existing art that fit the world would be considered as well! You would be credited as a special part of the art team, with a special shout out from us publicly (if you wanted to promote your site, for example).

You’re the Boss!

A backer of your caliber ($1000!?) deserves to be calling the shots! You’d be invited to join the team on a conference call and we’d hang on to your every word. Whatever you say, goes, as long as it is determined to be realistically possible*… and legal! But seriously, this would be your chance to add your own personal flair to the game, and we’ll walk you through the process from design to execution whether it be a new character, new Adventure mode area, or gameplay mechanic!

* “realistically possible” mostly means the idea would have to fit into the game in a way that wouldn’t require a complete overhaul of our current systems! But we’re serious about being ready for anything!

As avid gamers ourselves, our goal was to make a game we wanted to play. Looking at the current landscape of puzzle games, the stagnation of overly simple mechanics, lack of features, and greedy game design has reduced the genre to something far below it’s former glory. The “puzzle fighter” was a genre from the golden age of the SNES, which we believe is well overdue for a revival. Puzzle games are a perfect fit for touch controls but the expectation for mobile games to be free-to-play can lead to all those issues listed above.

With Kickstarter supporting our development, we can continue improving the game without having to resort to typical mobile game tactics, keeping a free, fair, and fun gameplay environment for everyone. Best of all, with enough support, we can take development a step further and create stand-alone releases for other platforms! And at a much faster rate than would’ve been possible on our own.


The child-prodigy of the team, but a child no more! Andrew is completely self-taught and has experience in several programming languages. His commitment to efficiency and building things from scratch is what gives the game its snappy feel and silky performance (not to mention an impressively small file size).

The unofficial director of nostalgia, Gabe’s primary responsibility involves reaching far back into the past, reconnecting with that warm Nintendo-childhood feeling, and translating it into the present. His experience at film school has only proven mildly helpful in his recently obtained pixel art and animation skills.

And lastly some shoutouts to crucial friends and family! In order from left to right, we have Emily — Gabe’s younger sister — who has contributed as a concept artist. Then comes Ed, an integral part of our behind-the-scenes vlog series we ran in the early days ( here’s a link: ). And last but not least, Evie and Tarra in the pivotal roles of emotional support! And a big thanks to the support of other friends and family we unfortunately do not have sprites of but you know who you are!


Risks and challenges

We know first hand that game development can be difficult and unpredictable. Getting Super Plexis to where it is today — successfully released on its first platform — was a massive undertaking that took almost 2 years of full-time dedication. Despite all the ups and downs, we’re as passionate as ever as we move into this next stage of development. The major task ahead is the completion of a new multi-platform engine, but the only possible risk we face is in under-estimating how long it will take to finish that engine. With determination on our side, even in a worst case scenario, we’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill our goals and promises to backers! As for content updates in the current version of Super Plexis, most of the work is iterating on systems we’ve already completed, so there is very little risk associated there as well. Regarding stretch goals, with the removal of Steam greenlight, the PC / Mac ports will not be at risk as long as we can cover their fee, but we will need to pass Nintendos approval and certifications to publish the game on the Switch.






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