Many SAND-colored military US train transports, every month! You don’t know where they’re going? To WW3! Where else?

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

God Damn You American Warmongers! You WILL Burn in Hell for this!

And most Americans are as docile as sleeping dogs. They don’t bark against it. They just passively accept it. AMERICA! WE DON’T WANT YOUR WARS!!!! GET THAT?
Yet another military material train transport through Kentucky last week. I have posted similar transports many months ago on our blog. Now, there are a few green trucks among them, but mostly desert sand colour. Is it so very hard to figure out WHAT the Deep State shadow government is preparing for? And, all this stuff is paid for by the American tax payers and the profits go straight into the pockets of the bankers and their weapon producer stooges. They are not preparing in vain! They long know already what is going to happen. They planned it! I don’t even think that the puppet in power, Trump, knows what is…

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