LOGAN – Illuminati/TFI Notes!


The truth is, in recent years there haven’t been any good Illuminati movies. It’s almost like they’ve lost their luster. There’s nothing Lucifer’s got up his sleeve now that the secrecy is gone and the whole plan has been blown out into the open.


Still, in watching the movie Logan I felt something prophetic, close to home, close to my family. Over and over again you hear the word “Family” used and for me that has a very special meaning, when put in context. Back when joining a Christian Fringe group called The Family we used to watch X-Men and tell the teens that this was an allegory to what God was doing in us. As cheesy as those movies were, they did fit the bill as our mission group was declaring that our young people would be the leaders of the apocalyptic future. Did many of The Family’s predictions happen? Yes. Did the group survive? Nope.  Those young people are now floundering around, lost and spiritually dead for the most part.  Similar to the way there are zero X-Men left on the planet save Wolverine and Xavier, there is now but a ragtag gang of us left.

Another thing stands out to me that strikes close to home:  Back when the first X-Men movies were coming out I was the wandering stranger suddenly put into this strange secret army who didn’t fit in with the rest of the group. As much as I sacrificed and gave up to join their ranks, the people who were part of that strange military didn’t accept me. Now, they’re all but gone, a few elders and a bunch of young teens wandering without a shepherd remain. In LOGAN Wolverine is basically taking care of his old mentor and father Xavier almost more out of respect and filial piety than anything else. He’s waiting to die himself, and no one expects there to be a next generation. It seems all the mutants have died, and there are no more miracles to be seen.  The movie is shot in an extremely gritty and normal way that makes the violence and humanness stand out even more as well.  The only miracles we see by any of the old generation of mutants during the whole film are a bunch of uncontrolled seizures by Dr. Xavier that cause everyone around them to nearly die (those are in my opinion the coolest scenes, however!).


The movie was enjoyable, profane and violent like Deadpool. . .  also artistic in a way that they just don’t dun’ gon’ make movies no more! But sitting beside me tonight was a soldier who has lost everything and has sacrificed all he could for his family as his wife is leaving him with the children (the group the Family died a decade ago, but the psychological repercussions are still felt to this day and this is one such instance where people lost themselves apart from “Father Xavier” watching over them in the mutant school) and he is fighting heavily for what’s left of his family.   We both cried during the last scene and I gave him a big man hug minutes ago before boarding the train on which I write this little note.

The past is the past, and the prophets are all dead (maybe) but God is good at surprising you at the end.   The next generation carries on the mantle and goes into the future, much to the surprise of the dying last movement. What if all that we can see is only a shadow of what God is going to do next?   Perhaps we’ve been looking in all the wrong places, and Eden isn’t just a fantasy after all. Everything our strange sect said seems to be coming true, and most of our brethren are lost, either physically or spiritually dead. Those of us who remain fight like wild sickly and drunken wolverine mutants, but merely a shadow of what was.  And perhaps even then, that shadow will be the shelter for some brand new off-spring that are going to take over the world.   Is this not the way it always was before? I see a thousand, no, perhaps only a couple hundred flames igniting and then vanquishing into the night since our Lord took off into the clouds, a couple thousand years ago. Will you be a firebrand? Or will you never make any kind of flame to be seen by any of the host of Heaven or the lost of the Earth?


So in the end Logan is not an Illuminati movie. It is a movie about the End-Time church. Even the last shot of Logan’s grave with the cross that is then turned to an X (which in the past would be seen as a Satanic symbol – the X replacing Christ as in X-Mas instead of Christmas) is immediately caught up in a Christian hymn sung by Johnny Cash as the credits roll up, providing a harmonious end as the preview had us all singing the more depressing Johnny Cash song “I hurt myself today, to see if I could still feel” . . .  instead we hear the song declaring the return of Jesus with an up beat rhythm!   One really feels as though we’ve officially seen the end of all “Groups” like the “Family” or “X-Men” and we are now entering into a chapter where our children will carry on and bring the reality of all that was into the future.  Another interesting tidbit-  as popular as the X-Men movies were, they were riddled with scandal as the director was caught in many pedophile situations.  Likewise we are seeing the end of the old guard of “The Family,” as some of those old disciples on distant far-flung mission fields also caved in to similar sins.  Their children however have no need to carry the sins of their fathers and can start afresh anew, seeking the Lord and learning from the sins of the past.  The 40 years in the wilderness the Israelites spent became the 40 years of world-wide wandering as the End-Time dropped out army of David, and that period has long since finished.  Now we enter into the time of Joshua.  Now we invade Jericho and see the God of our Father’s do mighty things in the Name of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses . . .and David!

I find myself identify with Logan in the sense that oftentimes it feels no one really believes in the Family or the MO Letters in full anymore.  I find mutants here and there who still carry the standard in some areas, but overall it’s a dead movement.  Now we’re pooling together those that are survivors and we viciously fight for our families.  I go out to the secret location where all my MO Letters are hidden and then slowly leak them out to the world.  I never fit in, but now they’re mostly all dead and I’m left carrying much of the history.   Weird world, buddy!  But we won’t give up just because one thing ended.  God isn’t old and He ain’t dead, and we’re going to win the world regardless!

hugh-jackman-loganlogan (1)goods_012543_196337LoganWhat an amazing story we are all a part of!  … here’s the youtube on this article:


8 thoughts on “LOGAN – Illuminati/TFI Notes!

  1. Hey michael,I’m totally nuts about the ian clayton (saw him in clear lake a year ago),mike parsons,dan duval and that great prophet of compassion and hard work,Arthur burk.i have a hard time reconciling the vast differences of their teaching .Burk got together with Duval recently to discuss the human spirit in the context of d.i.d.That was a discussion I actually wished would happen for a year or more as I got major breakthru in my own life from Burk’ s stuff.Then later w parsons stuff.But….how does that sit alongside the woman who wrote the “beautiful side of evil” warning somewhat religiously against experience.Now know ian ALSO warns us babes about the backlash that will come if our hearts aren’t right in these matters,but I don’t think that woman would like ian’ s teaching.Any thoughts?

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    • Sounds like you’re in some pretty heavy research here, and I’m thankful for your multiple triangulated mind zeroing in to this stuff — If that woman doesn’t like Ian then she can join thousands of other people who also don’t like his stuff. . . as long as we’re obsessed with Jesus and He’s our first love, then the other stuff just goes in to the periphery and is like icing on the cake. There will be more weird strange things after Ian that will cause people to have a mighty widening of the eyes, and it’s far beyond what we know so far. Get as much healing as you can, get as far as you can with the Lord, we need you brother! Oh let me post that prophecy you requested, too. . . Let’s talk more on this some time, man!


      • Btw Ginny Brooks and Matt Evans sound like they are drawing heavily from Arthur Burk protocols (redemptive gifts,engaging ,nurturing and developing the human spirit to accelerate healing in the soul realm,and alien human spirit).I just saw some of Matt ‘s testimonies dealing with alien human spirits in a person and was excited because nobody likes THAT Burk discovery.It was you that mentioned Matt’s work so thanks.Couple questions..have you heard of Doug Riggs? And are you still dealing with Chris Tyreman?and do you have any Intel on the Folsom st. fair within the context of s.r.a.?bless you Michael.

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      • Yes,that Matt Evans.I love you interviews in general.Just listened to Doug’s and then Michelle Saldana.She is lethal in such God honoring way.She said so many things that were just raw and true.Two questions:What or whom printed her to confront about people conceitedly trying to minister to dissociative people–is there a back story,or was she being prophetic. Does she know Angela Greenig ?Her testimonies are on the net and she is also from an italian saga.Angela runs with teams that are the fiercest thing and Michelle reminds me of these.


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