James Beckwith’s Zionist Blind Spot is Symptomatic For US Evangelical Cause of America’s Final Destruction

Starry News - Paradise Post From Taiwan

Watch this video below of yet another Evangelical YouTube preacher who is actually quite close to the truth in his analysis of Assad’s interview but as usual as a Christian Zionist fails to nail the real problem and the very cause of America’s final coming destruction, which he ostensibly is trying to prevent by his messages to his hinterland.

Let me try to nail it down first in quick points in historical order of the deception of American Christendom.

  1. 2000 years ago Jesus didn’t braid a whip to kick out the Jews, or the Pharisees, but rather the wicked bankers (money changers!) from the Temple! It had nothing to do with so-called “antisemitism”, as Jesus was a Shemite Galilean from Judean DNA himself, as were most of His followers. As it has today!
  2. 100 years ago American Christendom failed to realise the sneaky Rothschild subversion ploy via their specially designed…

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