The Kingdom Romance Episode 001

Jacob Willett: “My thoughts on “The Shack” are surprisingly favorable. A+!! Probably one of the best faith films I’ve ever seen (I normally think Christian moves are cheaply made). The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were portrayed in ways that were beautiful and stunning. Also Wisdom had an interesting role. I did get teary when the father met his son and reconciled. Very powerful message about forgiveness and understanding God’s heart of mercy and justice in a fallen world.”

With that, I will share my book here, The Kingdom Romance which is the first of hundreds. The idea behind this novel was to combine Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis with The Shack by William P Young, as well as all my own zaniness and giddyness that comes through when accessing the Spirit in the way Susan Melanie does! (She’s way more professional than I though!)


Find a world you never knew existed, and always knew existed – the realm of the Spirit! Join Annette in her adventures through the mysterious town known as Eleneth which sits upon a majestic secret. This first episode of The Kingdom Romance is the launchpad into a journey of a world that exists just outside our world’s known histories, sciences, and religions.


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