What’s The Cover Up About Antarctica? Not jumping to conclusions though!

Something is definitely not right about Antarctica.

Ancient Patriarchs

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised that they did find something there under that Antarctic ice cover. Look at the pyramid above. All these famous guys going down there, obviously to see some amazing sights, the secret big issue, because obviously they are not going to let us in on it, if ever. But John Kerry, Putin, patriarch Krill, Buzz Aldrin, and some other guys, just couldn’t control their curiosity and just had to get their passes to get their asses down there to behold the spectacle.

Sure, it may just be a former U-boat base or a German UFO base of under the ice, the old Schwaben Land, but who knows, maybe it is more mundane then that! As I am very interested in all the historical cover-ups and forbidden archaeology, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that they found stuff that is not good for mass consumption, because it…

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2 thoughts on “What’s The Cover Up About Antarctica? Not jumping to conclusions though!

    1. Yes sir! Interesting how much more attention is being directed to Antarctica. Joy (of Stephen) was telling me they used to see lots of people heading there in Peru when she was there as a missionary. It’s a mysterious world, and I’m thankful for researchers like yourself who go very very deep into this hard to touch stuff! You’re truly fearless, brother.


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