The God Hand with the New Weapons and Gates Within


The picture I am trying to draw is of a hand, each finger representing these networks:

The Info War,Fringe Christianity, The Family, Mysticism, and Covenant or Foundational Christianity.

Within this hand there is a ring with these names inscribed thereupon representing the New Weapons:

New Weapons of the Spirit plus Starlion

  1. Prayer
  2. Spirit Trips.
  3. Prophecy
  4. Spirit Helpers
  5. Keys of the Kingdom
  6. Loving Jesus
  7. The Word

Then within this finally is a chart that is becoming more and more famous, which Ian Clayton preaches on.   There are the senses, the gates of the subconscious realms and finally reaching inwards to the Glory of God phase.

In other words, it’s looking more and more like the Kingdom of God really IS within, and we can access Him by our will and worship and other gates, etc.

There are obviously many more layers and fingers and weapons and gates I am not aware of, but for the sake of practically building on what I’ve been privileged to come into contact with during my short 33 years on this planet, this is where we are coming from!

Now in order to travel into these different layers and realms, I’m going to have to share buttloads of spiritual material and they are going to offend people from each of the different galaxies I’ve mentioned, but that’s ok. We have God and I really only care about what HE thinks! Meanwhile, there’s a devil to defeat, and so with this God –Hand that centers on intimacy and loving the Lord and being in His glory and realm all the time, we will punch the enemy in the face over and over and over again!   Thank God for text-aloud, through which much of these materials are able to be broadcast live and edited if need be.

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4 thoughts on “The God Hand with the New Weapons and Gates Within

  1. simpletruth4today

    Really it all depends upon how you interpret the word “Mysticism.” For instance, when you look at the art attached to mysticism then you can quickly see that this is all to do with New Age and it’s funny also that names like Alastair Crowley come up in association with mysticism. On the subject of words like mysticism, David Berg did make an interesting statement once when he said that the enemy often has what you might call more interesting words attached to it, and so people find that the enemy has greater appeal and appears as more exciting and more interesting and as having more depth and therefore has a more mystical and magical appeal. You have to acknowledge that with Christianity we have a stale bread kind of image to it these days and so who wants to eat a load of old crusts! If you look into Christian art for instance then you quickly see that it doesn’t have a lot of depth to it whereas the mysticism art can be more appealing to the eye though personally I don’t like it because it all has a kind of a scientific look and a heady look to it and it lacks heart so you could say that DB and the Family did do pretty well at changing Christian art but I can’t think of one picture that I would associate with mysticism other than perhaps the letter that David once wrote when he talked of God’s witches and I think it was in that letter where he talked about the enemy having more appeal than what you might call flatlander Christianity so you have people coming along these days who say they are kind of giving Christianity a face-lift but overall the flavour of these people has more the flavour of mysticism than true spirituality – enter the word “Christian -ity” or perhaps in other words, Christ and His truly anointed reality so that’s pretty much how we choose to see it and also seeing it this way, we believe that you shouldn’t create fuzzy boundaries. Fuzzy boundaries might mean that you could very well find yourself on the Devil’s territory and we are warned to be sober and to be vigilant because the enemy is as a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour so you have to have a clear distinction between the true spiritual reality that can only come from Jesus or the Devil’s spiritual reality.

    Again on the subject of mystical art, you find that they are into heady complex patterns and all that sort of thing, whereas everything that God truly created has a heart to it. You look at a tree and a flower or anything in nature and you’d have to say that it all has a heart. New Age Mysticism is all coming from the head and not from the heart! We all like to think that we have got discernment but even discernment in a lot of us can be a bit fuzzy but when you look at the fruits as Jesus told us to do then you surely can’t argue with the fruits so in a lot of ways it’s always best to go with the fruits of something and ask yourself does’t it minister to your mind or to your heart? In listening to Ian Clayton I would say that he has a kind of a passion and a zeal but the fruits are that he ministers more to the mind than the heart and when he talks of a fiery gate, again, going with the fruits, the symbology here doesn’t add up. A fiery gate sent to me from God would surely be telling me not to enter in… when Adam & Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden there was a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life as it says so a fiery gate would tell me not to go in rather than to go in. Again, it all sounds pretty heady and you find yourself thinking that it is coming from his own imagination and not from God.

    All of these mystics you’d have to say would be nothing without their so-called mystical or spiritual experiences, whatever thy wish to call them. Take away the big lie of the mystical experience and all of these people would soon lose popularity, their claims are too staggering! The difference with David Berg is that people have indeed found Jesus Christ and that’s what should be central here, the so-called gifts of the Spirit are always secondary to this and people should always realise that they can do pretty well with Jesus alone, even if most of them don’t have these countless spiritual gifts, it’s always got to be Jesus or it’s nothing! These so-called mystics are selling the gifts of the spirit and are apparently selling the masters power without the master Himself, infact, they aren’t selling anything at all because it’s all in their minds and they are not close to Jesus but they are close to themselves and this is what they are selling, they don’t even make good magicians, nobody has even seen IC trans-relocate, whereas a good magician can actually do this but hey, it’s all still a trick right! So I hope this answers your question…

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