Man-Made Disasters: A Quick Inquiry!

I was there in Nepal 2 weeks before the disaster struck.

Sustainable Safety Solutions, NEPAL

man-made(Photo Source: Google)

Man-made disasters are essentially the results of human activities or to put it more accurately, wrong activities. Unlike natural disasters where a natural hazard is a direct contributing factor, human-induced disasters are caused by unsafe act or existing unsafe conditions. The development of unsafe or hazardous condition is the accumulation of various unsafe activities over a period of time, often inter-related.

Sometimes, man-made disasters are also resulted from natural disasters. For example, floods or earthquake could lead to social unrest, political upheaval and economic stress which then increase the vulnerabilities of people. Another broader perspective emphasizes that all disasters, natural or man-made, are basically caused by human, since we choose to stay in close proximity to a hazard without realizing our vulnerabilities to the same.

Usually it is hard to provide warning or forecast a man-made disaster. In many cases we have to rely on historical…

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