The World’s going CRAZAYYYY!!  So Let Us Conquest!

So that’s why we need to open ourselves up to the new possibilities of what GOD can do!  Study the Bible and also challenge your faith (if you are of age spiritually) with the Spiritual Warfare – focused show I, Michael Basham am presently engaged upon.  Am I a profesh radio host? Nah.  A preacher?  Trying not to be.  A comedian?  Praying against it.  I am less than all the saints and worse than all the sinners.  A puppy killer, possibly.

But I know that there are people out there who need to know the Intel that I have feasted my ears on this last 13 years since I’ve lived in China Japan and Taiwan and now Pandora’s box has been opened.  Some of the guests on SpiritWars are not allowed back on Fringe Radio Network.  The road has just gotten started being traversed upon and your company and presence is greatly appreciated.  If you are reading this, remember that you ARE the Spirit War!

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