Mystic just means tapping into the love of God!

Mystic Mama Storm

I am sharing a post from a guest writer and Christian Mystic, Robin Main. I believe God wants to reveal the truth behind true mysticism. Unfortunately, our culture, deception, and even our religious systems have given this title a bad wrap. I hope this post will help clear the air and bring the redeemed truth of the Mysteries of Loving God. 

Q: What do you mean when you use the word “mystic?”
A: I take my view of the concept of “mystic” from Scripture, and the 10th Edition of the Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. 
The word “mystic” comes from the Latin “mysticus,” which means “of mysteries.” A mystery is a religious truth that one can know only by revelation and cannot fully understand. A mystic relates to the mysterious, has a feeling of awe or wonder, and is a follower of the mystical way…

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