Morris’ Zhukov & Vasilevsky Report About Russian Khazarian Kabal Without Any Sources Sofar – Psy Op?

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

Dear British Jew Morris, who makes many Youtube videos, receives a letter from the former Soviet Union, “proving” that the Khazarian Cabal that led the NKVD was eliminated by Marshall Georgy Zhukov and Aleksandr Vasilevsky in 1953. I didn’t know that, and never ever heard about that, so I searched and tried to find any sources for this “fact”, but so far I haven’t found any, not even from Revisionist historians. So are we supposed to just trust this, for his readers anonymous, source, to tell us that Russia is now a non Khazarian state?

I think that it would be way too easy for anyone to send a letter to the West — through Morris of all people! — to take away any suspicion about Russia being a Russian or Khazarian led state. I don’t know, but it smacks like it could be misinformation to make true analytic historians…

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