Who is Steve Pieczenik?

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

Who is this Pieczenik guy! He is a Khazarian psychiatrist CIA insider, yet ratting on Israel’s involvement with 9-11! (To save his skin? for when it becomes common knowledge? Like Henry Makow?)
He also has this very interesting news about the “murder” of Gadaffi, about which we have heard rumors before that MI6 saved the guy’s skin and that he is living in Zimbabwe under protection. Peczienik says in Chad! Whatever, it could be possible that they either staged the murder (very realistic) or killed Gaddafi’s double? Anyhow, there still are outstanding (unsubstantiated?) prophecies about G’s role as the AC or the False Prophet. So is he sitting on ice, as the French secret service had Khomeini on ice for years, until his time would come after they sacked the Shah and trot out Khomeini to start radical Islam? You can see how radical Islam really started rolling under Khomeini…

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