Mainstream Media NOW Creating Fake News Media Sites (without comment sections!) without sources!

I loved the Trump Twitter Gun, ha!

Starry News - Paradise Post From Taiwan

Man, it is really an information war, and over what? Over YOU! Yes YOU! YOUR MINDS! IF they can influence your way of thinking, you will support their nefarious agenda. SO it really is up to YOU! Are you going to be ruled by Snopes, the NYSlime, the Washington Compost, The Clown News Network? Then you are digging your own graves. The globalists are NOT friendly to YOU, to your freedom, to your privacy, to your sovereignty, to law and order protecting you! No, they are making a World Order that supports them, the tycoons, the bankers, the media owners, the big corporations, the ONE percent. So YOU are going to have to do your own research and vet your sources. If not you and we are both doomed. Consider your self warned. NOTE: I am not necessarily Trump supporter, as he is being manipulated by the Deep State. But…

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