Little Prince

What’s in a name. . .

Ginny Brooks

I assist at a school that is somewhat international with quite a few nationalities represented.  There are many children from Japan, different parts of Europe, South Africa and all over Asia.  There is one little boy from Israel who is around 3.  I haven’t seen much reaction from him as far as speech is concerned and he can sometimes drift into what seems to be him coping with feeling very uncomfortable; and goes into almost a trance state. I have never seen a child exhibit this type of behavior, and it has had been concerned more than a dozen times now.  Today was somewhat rambunctious and outfitted with about every mood among the children. This little boy in particular was triggered into a very unsettling state and was moaning with a low murmur and drooling incessantly all over himself for well over and hour, into two.  I took it upon…

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