Russia’s Federal World Government Slowly Rising in Opp. to US Failing NWO

Would you rather live under a Russian NWO or an American one? Hmmm, I’ll pick Jesus’s NWO! It’s the only NWO that doesn’t stand for “Need Work On!”

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

It is as if this guy has been reading my past articles on this subject, re. the Hegelian dialectics of the Crash and WW3 destined to lead to the Deep State’s REAL One World Government SYNTHESIS. I just don’t know WHY this Christian Jew calls himself Israeli News Live, unless he is stuck in the Zionist Christian heresy, as so many “preachers” are. Steve Quaile, Kent Hovind, LA Marzulli, Hagee of course, and most other American Evilgelicals. (That’s why I do not promote all this dear brother’s videos!)  Also watch the end of the video where it suspects the US having used tactical nukes in Ukraine!

HIS YOUTUBE BLURB SAYS: Munich Germany Foreign Minister Lavrov declares the days of the Western Liberal New World Order was over but instead asserted that Russia was bringing forth a Democratic New world Order where each nation has its own Sovereignty. Regardless its…

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