Beautiful and Loveless!

Thank the Lord for the Spirit of Love and Humility – – my favorite is beauty WITH those 2 things!


a333b31033f4b20cf89060eaa6247bd3Simple Truth

When you look at a lot of girls these days it’s almost as if they are wearing a mask and in fact, you’d have to say that a lot of them are wearing a mask. They learn to put on their make-up so well that they actually transform their whole face, the transformation you could say is so remarkable that you actually see that a personality change has taken place. On a humorous note, it kind of reminds you of that film called “The Mask” but what a lot of people don’t realise is that you can actually put on a mask and seriously have a personality transformation in that you can indeed become a different person when you do this. You might say: “how can that be? That’s rubbish!” But no no no, this is not rubbish, this is reality because a lot of these girls don’t…

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