most people are oblivious to dimension(s) unseen by them, wherein a great spiritual war rages

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My wife forwarded me a link whih will be included in these ruminations, that I considered unusual for her, because she doesn’t follow infowars, as a rule, nor is she political much. She is more interested in subjects like end times events, info related to the nephilim, giants, other hybrid life forms that are probably linked to the subject of nephilim hybrids, and current atmospheric, earth & oceans trends. After I watched the video linked to I forwarded it to various others, with my “take” on it.  Here’s my comments:

for sure this is thought provoking – I believe it’s because of his speaking truth like this, along with others like Mike Adams the Health Ranger speaking truth about health issues – that has brought the big guns to bear on them – ie State Dept, CIA, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, WaPo, NYT, LAT, not to forget names like Soros, Rockefeller…

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