Scorsese’s new film about how God was hidden but still exists anyway

pray for Japan

Why Evolution Is True

Today’s posts are going to be largely about faith, perhaps because The Season is upon us and the Internet full of religion.

From the Aussie ABC we hear of a new movie by Martin Scorsese, a reliably good director.  The critically acclaimed film, called “Silence,” is about the absence of God, but of course that doesn’t mean there isn’t a god. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation gives a bit of the plot:

Set in 17th century Japan, Silence portrays a Portuguese Jesuit Priest ministering in secret to a hounded and persecuted minority Christian population in villages around Nagasaki.

Father Sebastião Rodrigues is forced to watch helplessly as various members of his flock in the hand of the Japanese “Inquisition” are set on fire, slowly tortured with boiling water, drowned, hanged or beheaded in front of him. Rodrigues screams out to his God for mercy, intervention or even just a…

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