Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man Revelation

A resurrection awaits!!!

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Praying for an injured friend in the hospital with a team, I was shown the Lord with the one suffering in the form of the Lion, the Ox, the Eagle, and the Man. Each was performing a function according to their unique purpose.

Many are familiar with these as the four faces of the Cherubim at the beginning of the book of Ezekiel, but they are also found in other places throughout scripture. The nation of Israel camped in the wilderness in a formation with four banners to each cardinal direction, and each banner had one of these images upon it: Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Man.

The four gospel accounts are said to represent Jesus in each of these forms. Matthew reveals the Lion nature of Jesus, focused on the story of the King who came to establish his kingdom. Mark reveals the Ox nature of Jesus as a laboring…

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