The People’s Enemy Media Empire Strikes Back – Will The People Rebuke It? How to prepare for the Confusion!

Let’s get ready for some major action!

Starry News - Paradise Post From Taiwan

Trump Triggers The Media As They Push For Impeachment! 

In this video, Vin Armani shows how Trump is triggering the media to the point where they’re plotting his demise.
Watch the full broadcast here:…

IF the “deplorables” rise up against the Marxist Media Empire and their Banker bosses the leftie zombies will rise up against them and it will mean… Civil War! Perhaps that is the very thing that the enemies of God are trying to trigger. VIOLENT DIVISION! Because then the USA is lost. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand! Jesus said it himself.

Is this “the travail” predicted in this following pertinent 1965 prophecy?
It says, “Be NOT deceived by the great society (America) for it will come to travail, and THEN bring forth the Great Confusion! BE PREPARED!!!”


What Does Be Prepared Mean?

How are we to know what BE PREPARED means?

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