Spiritual Impulse!

May we slow down and get TEMPLE TIME! ( Just read the beginning of that letter last night, it sure helped!)


cesovyww8aarsrSimple Truth

Isn’t it a relief when you finally get a spiritual impulse that breaks through all the madness, it’s as if suddenly out of the blue you get this spiritual impulse that comes from another dimension and it floods out all the lies. It’s not so much that it comes from another dimension, it’s more that it’s coming from Someone else and not from yourself, it’s coming from your inner man and not the outward shell of a man. If you’ve taken Jesus into your heart, then you will understand that you have what you might call an inner man and a spiritual man as opposed to yourself which is a carnal man. We as humans are extremely carnal, our whole lives are pretty much wrapped up with the earth and so most of our impulses have their roots in the material, they are either coming from the material…

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