Mainstream Fake News Backfiring BIG TIME!

Let’s together dump the facebook farce!

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

washingtoncompostThe Devil always kicks himself in the teeth when he tries to kick the truth out of the picture. He is an arch deceiver, and the Mainstream Media is his channel. Why are these Judas Media Mainstream at all? Because they are bought and controlled by the banksters and other rich heads of high finance and corporocracy. And that is TRUE news! And many people are waking up to this reality now. If they had read our article at the top of the blog Can we trust the Media when it came out long ago, they would have chucked out their trust already a long time. But they have been enthralled by Big Media, Big Hollywood, Big TV, Big Newspapers, big news syndicates like Rothschild’s Reuters and Associated Press and The Economist, etc. But finally the masses are waking up.. and the real Fake News HATES it, and…

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