Computers and “Weird Science” in the Bible!

Very intriguing study into the intricacies of prophecy with regards to technology.


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People do wonder and they have also arrived at the conclusion that computers are actually in the bible, the most obvious example of this is what’s called “The Image of the Beast.” This reference to “beast” in the bible when it talks of the image of the beast is referencing the Antichrist and the image of the beast references what you might call the statue that is made in his image. Lots of famous people in the world have statues made in their image such as great religious leaders and political leaders and various religions have also had statues made in the image of their gods. Famously, devil worshipers approach their god through statues, the statue is a representative of their particular god and so in this same sense devil worshippers, a worshipper of Baal let’s say, would approach his statue and3871689865 therefore would approach his god spiritually…

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One thought on “Computers and “Weird Science” in the Bible!

  1. It’s interesting if you look on bible hub and compare all the different bible versions as you’ll find that the KJV is the only one that says god of forces, all the others interpret it as being the god of fortresses (munitions, atomic powers etc) which totally changes the original meaning so people who don’t read the KJV are actually missing something massive here! You can’t beat the KJV for accuracy and all these other versions are best avoided as they are part of the NWO agenda to change the true words of God. If you read chapters 38-39 of our latest article “Rise of The Antichrist” it goes into these ideas in more detail, it’s amazing the amount of foresight that David had and we can see all these things coming true now!

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