Donald Trump lawful immigration enforcement, unlawfully obstructed by criminal judges; enforcing the law of the sea (Jesuit/Vatican canon law)

Reptilian Dimension

Criminal judges ignoring written US law to obstruct Donald Trump from protecting America’s borders from radical Islamic terrorists.

Watch below as Donald Trump cites the laws which clearly give him the power over immigration.

Its clear Donald Trump has the lawful authority over the protection of America’s borders. This is not the job of corrupt judges who ignore written law.

Much of the US legal system is infused with Jesuit secret society members, who are enforcing Vatican/Jesuit canon law (also known as the law of the sea) on the populace; and now they are enforcing it on President Trump himself.
The judges obstructing Trump are admirals of ships at sea. As admirals, they ignore the law of the land (constitutional/magna carta based law) and make laws up as they travel through the sea. These judges are admirals of the Jesuit General and Jesuit Popes ship. These admirals rule in favor…

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