Feel like you’re in a Bad Place? “Fruit of the Spirit” by Richard Williamson

This is a very WORTH READING article by my dear friend.

Warriors Without Borders

When considering the fruit of the Spirit regard the relationship between the apple tree and the deer. Please bear with me for this needs some set up. What is the purpose of the tree in wrapping its seed in fruit. What does it gain in packing so much into something that encases the seed. If a seed falls to the ground close to the tree then the young sprout will grow to be in competition with the tree and one will ultimately choke the other out. But by putting the its seed in the very best it has provides nutrition to the deer, which then can travel further into the world, where it will plant the seed in a mound of fertilizer (it is all how you look at it, one person’s Ship High In Transit is another’s means to growth, hmm a principle of business, take someones problem and…

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