Warrior Scribes and the Mission for Truth about the Land

Journey with Journey!

Mystic Mama Storm

After my friend Praying Medic had asked me to pray today. I went to lay down with my daughter and I asked the Lord about what can be done to help with this issue with China that our Secretary of State has to deal with. I had a vision where God said go to the East Gate.


He showed me how this gate will be affected by several different aspects…

The Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdoms of this world, Time, People, and things in the Natural. In the vision, I went to the east gate…However, it reminded me more of someone entering the steps into a public pool. I was specifically holding onto the bars stepping down carefully. When I went down into the steps I saw a scroll that The Lord had set before me. Although it was a scroll I also understood it was the timeline of this structure. It…

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