Ezekiel 38 – Breaking The Covenant

End-time – The Bigger Picture



The short explanation of Ezekiel 38 is thus:

Ezekiel 38 talks about Gog and Magog, Gog is the Antichrist and Magog is Russia so we read that the Antichrist comes out of Russia and invades Israel. We also read that God puts hooks in Gog’s mouth and draws him down to Israel to Judge Israel for their sins and then God turns around and judges Gog the Antichrist for his sins.
As is usual with the middle east, other nations get involved with the politics there and so these nations find themselves also being judged by God for their sins.

All in all the prophecy ends with the whole world being judged for their sins in forsaking the Lord and this is all played out as starting from the middle east.


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One thought on “Ezekiel 38 – Breaking The Covenant

  1. From Terry – Thanks for reposting our latest stuff. You are great at cutting across the boundaries and crossing conventions bounds. O er uncharted seas to their hearts desire do the men of faith set sail – and yes you are a good example of this too.

    You are the magnificent W O O O – WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Taken from an old song.

    Stay strong in Jesus.


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