Ern Baxter, Kingdom and the Holy Spirit

These are some of the best foundational Christian teachings ever made, right after the advent of the cassette tape which lent to our family’s church Covenant revolution!

Still testing out Spreaker on the Phone, on the go. . . 

Full teaching


4 thoughts on “Ern Baxter, Kingdom and the Holy Spirit

  1. Michael, do you know where I can get hold of the song “Prayer of St Francis?” I know that the Family did a version of that song but I can’t find it. I came home from spending a few lovely days in Manchester celebrating the Chinese New Year with my family only to be welcomed by the bad news that my friend had died, the one I told you about before, she never did make it out of the hospital and suffered so much but the Lord has taken her home now! Anyway, Terry and I are arranging her funeral and the Family’s version of that song is so lovely so if you know where I can get hold of it then could you please let me know? Great teaching here btw, I’ll listen to it properly later, so busy at the moment. GBY!


      • I found one on Nubeat that’s ok so we’ll use that one, we’ve got another really beautiful song called “butterfly” that you may have heard of, I think it was originally written by someone in the Family so we’ll use that one too, it’s the perfect song for a funeral so Lord willing all will be fine and we’ll give her a wonder send off with best wishes and prayers for her New Life. I have mixed feelings right now, sad that she’s gone and for all that she went through but happy for her that all her sorrows are over, Praise Jesus for His Mercy! Thanks for looking anyway! God Bless

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