Secret History of Japan VS the New World Order RESOURCES

Very Important Channel by a Japanese Researcher who is aware of the NWO and Illuminati!

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

Messages from a dear friend who is helping to bring out the hidden history of the NWO vs. Japan over the years. Since he’s posting so many important videos recently I’m going to add his channel to this site (until he stops posting!) Pray for him, and pray for Japan! His messages are worth the read:

Thoughts below are from the Japanese video producer:

(Written by the video producer to his friend in Taiwan)

“The first thing I will tell you is that I have a History and Political Science degree. I have studied history and politics which most people NEVER DO, so I look at the whole of any situation. Most people just know what school, TV or lying politicians ( like Obama, Bush and Clinton ) tell them. Don’t worry about offending me I have studied real US history and know how bad the evil rich people in…

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