Gospel Tract from Mike David!


My friend Mike David sent this to me a while back.  He’s one of the last remaining Children of David from the Family that I have worked with the past decade.  Pray we do a show together!  Feel free to print out the tract in its PDF form here: mike-tract-new-a5-backgroundenglish-1234

Dear friend, these are…

A few words to give you hope and lift your spirit…

A few questions and answers to stir your soul and intrigue your mind.

To begin with, some questions to consider and answer personally: Have you ever wanted to understand the hidden meaning and value of life? Would you like to live with continual deep happiness? Would you like fresh hope and strength whenever you are weary, stressed or discouraged? Would you like ultimate freedom from every care, anxiety, and burden you carry? Would you like release from feelings of loneliness, emptiness, guilt, shame, tension or fear? Would you like to know and live in complete freedom in mind, body, and soul? Would you like to experience real pure true love?

Would you like to be truly appreciated for who you are and have the contentment of knowing that your life counts for something and that you will never be forgotten? Have you thought about what lies ‘beyond the veil’ of our human perception and knowledge? Are you seeking the power to live the full potential available to you? Have you ever wanted to know more and experience more than this world and the things of this physical life can give you? Have you ever speculated about God and wondered what God is and what it would be like to know Him… if that really were possible? If your answer to any or all of these questions is ‘yes’ then I have good news for you. There is a way… let me explain.

All these things are possible for you. Although somewhat mysterious, the hidden truths and the potential for lasting hope are real and alive. Although easily forgotten and not often thought about, the deeper and more profound truths of life and their power which line the pathway to success and meaning are available to you and can be easily received. Though you may have forgotten about God or never thought about Him before, He has not forgotten about you. God is the Spirit of Love who created you. He gave you your life. God loves you personally very much and you are special to Him. God is love. He is the source of pure love and His Spirit is alive with the wild and desperate passion of true freedom and liberty. In Him are hidden the secrets of wisdom, beauty, power and joy.

But, as I am sure you have experienced, there is a gulf; a gulf of mystery as it were, darkened by confusion and shrouded by void emptiness that hangs as a veil over your soul and that stands between each of us and all the wonders of perfection and power that are found in knowing God intimately. And this is so because in the beginning when God made us, He gave each of us the power of choice. And it is no surprise that, left to ourselves, at many times we make our choices in life based on our feelings and perceptions. Many of our choices and actions are selfish, based on personal convenience to the exclusion or neglect of the needs of others; they are born of fear, greed, insecurity or our body’s desires. And that gulf between us and God is all these choices and their resulting negative consequences.

And yet, in spite of this, God’s love has found a way to reach us and bridge the gap that stands between us and Himself. In His love for you God took His Word, His love, His power, His mercy, His energy, His beauty, His own life, and everything precious to Him and gave it to us. This incredible gift became a human being. This person is Jesus. Some two thousand years ago God sent His word and His powerful Spirit to envelope a young woman named Mary and her body and soul responded to God’s power and began to grow the body of a tiny baby. This baby was God’s only Son, Jesus Christ.

Unlike us, Jesus grew and lived His life in total freedom from anything that could bring pain or suffering or heartache to Himself or others. He lived in complete victory over every negative power on this earth which holds people captive to fear, sickness and death. Through His faithfulness to His Father and His love for you and me, Jesus conquered every sickness, every pain, and defeated all the dark powers of Hell. There was no gulf or empty void between Jesus and His Father and He was destined to enjoy the best pleasures for all eternity. Like the son of a great and powerful King, Jesus inherited everything that God has and is. He inherited the secret of life. He had it all. And yet in spite of all this He remembered you and me and wanted to share everything He had with us.

Jesus wanted us to experience everything He enjoys and the love of God and eternal life that He was destined for. Jesus looked and saw the big gulf between you and His [Heavenly] Father and decided to pay the price for all those issues in your life that separate you from eternal life and pleasure in Heaven. That great big gulf that separates you from God and eternal life is called death. Therefore to show you His love and how important you are to His Father, Jesus took the most precious thing He had which was His own life and because of His deep love for you He laid it down and died for you. He paid the price for your life with His own. He spent His life investing in your eternity. He used His powerful love to forgive and rescue you and to bring you close to the heart of God. He has bridged the gap between you and Heaven and He is the path to ultimate freedom and love. He is the doorway into paradise, and the power to bring life out of death.

God the Father was so happy with this sacrifice of love which Jesus paid for our freedom that He raised Him from the dead as a human into a new supernatural body — a spirit body, in order to show that in Jesus, the power of death has been destroyed and does not exist anymore. When raising Jesus from among the dead, God bestowed upon Him all of His own glory, might, majesty and power.

This gift of Jesus is like (can be likened to) a seed and we are like the ground. If you want to grow a beautiful flower or a majestic tree, what you put into the ground is a small simple little seed. But what grows out of the ground is something majestic and beautiful. God the Father is offering you His love today. He offers you His Son Jesus. You can accept Jesus into your heart and life just like a simple seed. And from the moment that Jesus and you become one, you too, just like Jesus will have eternal life, and the mystery of God’s love and beauty will begin to form in you. And when your life is over you will be safe with Jesus; and one day just like Jesus, you too will rise to eternal life from the dead with power, strength, and incredible beauty to live forever, able to partake of the limitless thrills and pleasures and fulfillment that are enjoyed by all who are a part of God’s Kingdom and the coming age of heavenly utopia.

It was very humbling for Jesus to leave His incredible glory, become a human and live here as one of us; and it was even more humiliating that after He had done so much for others, after giving so much love, he was lied about and killed as a common criminal. But He was willing to go through all of it for you because He loves you. Jesus has not turned His back on you but is facing you with a message of mercy and hope telling you that you do not have to turn away from Him anymore and continue down the path of slavery to guilt, fear, and hopelessness. He offers real and true spiritual and emotional freedom and power. This is possible, because when Jesus returned to His Father after His time on earth He sent the very essence and life of God to earth – the Sacred Spirit, which is a part of God to live within us so we can come to know God and the mysteries of His Spirit personally. Through receiving Jesus we receive His Eternal Spirit. Although Jesus looked plain from the outside, your eternity, your everlasting glory and hope was bundled up with His life and then given forth in Him through His Holy Spirit.

The love of God, His forgiveness, His Spirit, Jesus, and a personal relationship with Him, as well as Heaven in the afterlife are all free gifts. We can’t work for it. And it’s not about being good or bad. We cannot earn the love of God by being good enough or keeping religious rules. We don’t have to try and climb up to God with ethics and morality. He already climbed down to us. His love makes us beautiful, and His mercy makes us totally clean and valuable, healthy and strong. You are precious to God and He loves you and invites you to share a personal spiritual relationship with Himself and Jesus.

His Spirit is calling out to you today offering love and excitement and perfect peace. Jesus is standing at the door of your heart and knocking. He promises that if you open the door of your life to Him, He will come in and live with you. All who come to Jesus He will accept and never send away. The eternal celebration can start right now. You can live with genuine joy and peace here and now; a joy and peace beyond the corrupting effects of mortality. You can have and experience the gift of a new and incredibly wonderful supernatural life – a life of wonders, beauty and truth beyond your wildest dreams.

If you would like to receive the freely given gift of God’s mercy and forgiveness, freedom from guilt, and receive Heaven in the afterlife instead of shame and judgment you can!!!

Just ask him; say…

Dear Jesus, please come into my heart. I trust you are God’s Son and that you died for me and rose again. I receive your gift of love. Forgive me for all those things I do that separate me from you and put a gulf between us. Forgive me for the wrong things I have done. Take away everything that stands between your love and my heart. Make me new and fill me with your Spirit of eternal freedom and life. I trust you with my life and I thank you for trusting me with yours. Give me a new beginning. Please help me to love you and other people with your love. — Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer you are part of the Family, God’s family, and are now one of the children of God and a sibling of Jesus who is the Prince of Life and the King of kings. Like me you are a pilgrim on a journey to a better place and we can hear the Voice of the Spirit of God and follow His spirit into a new and fantastic future which will only get better with each passing day. As a child of the Spirit’s power you can experience freedom from the dictates of this mortal world. You are set free from every constraint which is under the sway of decay and time. You now have available to you the energy of Heaven by which the corruption and ugly and impure decay of life is absolved and passes away. Your life will now be granted an added dimension of wisdom that is available for you to live in as you are led by the wild, free, and liberating Spirit of Heaven, something for you to experience personally. Just as it is impossible to explain color to a person born blind or what it is like to fall in love to someone who has never experienced real love, so too will your journey in this unique but powerful wisdom and transformation be a personal one; between you and Jesus alone. You will make a difference in the lives of others. The affects of your actions will be valuable in this life and in the next as we work together to make the world a better place.

The story of your life will never die or be swallowed by death and shrouded in the fog of forgetfulness. As a child of God, the mysteries of the unseen world of His Spirit are now opened to you to explore and live by. Unseen powers and truth are available for you to access which will enable you to fulfill your destiny. With time this new reality upon which you are entering will conquer death, bring healing and relief to human suffering, spread everlasting love, and change the world. Welcome to being a part of the New Beginning.






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