Carpe Diem, America! 

We be ridin high in the Spirit n we be prayin from the sky, rainin heaven on dowwwwn to the groun’ on those inaugural grounds, wit da spirichal weapons, we gonna start a new gov. Wit our commanda in chief, the Lord uh alllll evry eye gonna go wiiiide ….UH!
(spoken to rap beat in background)

Mystic Mama Storm

IT IS REALLY LATE but felt the need to pray for our nation tomorrow as we go into a new season tomorrow. This comes from a really late quiet time with the Lord:

JOURNEY WITH GOD: January 19, 2017

Come a little closer, my love. This is intimacy. It is the heart exchange but it is also the transfer of all that I am into all that you are. This is also what I am about to do for America. Take all that I am and put it into all that you are as a nation. Are you ready for this? There are things that will be removed to make room for who I am. I will also expand your gates and borders. This doesn’t mean I am opening them but it means I am strengthening and stretching out what seemed small to be much bigger.

Papa what can I…

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