A Wise Fringe Christian Once Told Me

I feel like commander data when he’s laying on the floor with this head cover popped open all sparking and clicking with his positronic brain showing after he’s been hit with a Klingon disruptor array

Ever feel like that?   After the past few days of missionarying that’s exactly how I feel!   But hopefully something came of it. . .

The day went well, in retrospect:








wp-1484753188678.jpeg data_injured emotion_chip_-_lore

Seems like just another normal day out in Asia Land, right?


7 thoughts on “A Wise Fringe Christian Once Told Me

    1. Hmmmmm! Big question, recently just trying to see what we can practically do in this country that really does have big needs, while also realizing that the repercussions could also get big, as in, we could change Taiwan which would change China. Which would change the world! Bwahahhahahaa!! ….um, anyway so that’s about it

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      1. They are largely Christian, but they rarely get any support from outside churches. They were all super happy we prayed with them and personally delivered jackets and new clothes to them. They said only Buddhist missionaries make it there, LOL

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