Biggest spiritual warfare “guard your soul”!

Awesome Spiritual Warfare Video for Soldiers



The soul seeks God with its whole being. Because it is desperate to be whole, the soul is God-smitten and God-crazy and God-obsessed. My mind may be obsessed with idols; my will may be enslaved to habits; my body may be consumed with appetites. But my soul will never find rest until it rests in God.

The Ten Commandments were never designed to be a stand-alone list of rules. They come within a relational context. They describe what living up to a certain value and a certain identity and a certain destiny looks like. In fact, in Judaism, they are not called the Ten Commandments. The Hebrew term is aseret hadevarim, which literally means“tenutterances”or“tenstatements”because they were rooted in things that are meant to be inGod’skingdom. They flow out of how we were designed, who we were meant to be. We read them as“thisis what you have todo,”but God was saying,“thisis…

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5 thoughts on “Biggest spiritual warfare “guard your soul”!

  1. Zach

    Keep up the good work brother. I appreciate what you do and look forward to your posts. It’s not just what you say, but also how you say it. You have a spark that reminds me of my younger self before I became so battle worn by the years of conflict. Maybe when it’s all over we can swap some war stories in Heaven over some brewskis !

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  2. Hey Mike thanks for this interesting reblog. I just watched (while on subject of spiritual warfare) a fascinating discussion on YouTube between 2 guys who come from “different poles” of research, which complement each other … you should watch it

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