Don’t Harden Your Heart

Be soft hearted. . .    This is an old tape about comforting the feeble minded, and not hardening your heart.  Garsh I’m getting convicted by this right now!   It’s easy to become PTSD and ADD and FD/FM/MM and KGFG and PTL and KLJSDLKFJSDGAADF. . .  but in Jesus is a great humbling and great simplifying.

The harshness that people have is a form of insanity, from getting our eyes off of Jesus.   He will keep us in perfect peace, if our eyes are stayed on Him, because we trust in Him.

We can all get so upset by certain people at times that we want to beat the bloody pulp out of them and wipe the floor with their . . . oh, sorry Lord I. ..  I think I’ll go and listen to that tape again.

The root of the problem is deep, and it takes hands of love, mercy, gentleness and, well, Jesus to really get to the deepest source of our anger and frustration.

Help us, Lord to be like the gentle Dove of Thy Spirit.

Yeah, and hey this is an old Family Tape but it’s not about a religious group or sect, but a kind of special approach to missionary work and sharing God’s love with people on a very deep level.  I am the Family, so is anyone who hasn’t given up yet.

Last night I had a dream where I went to work and met two people: Neville Johnson and Brad Cummings.   I went up to Neville and saw he was busy but very approachable, and told him how nice it was to talk with him and that I’d like to interview him.   He came up to me and embraced me, praying over me with his hand on my head, blessing my youtube work and other things.

I saw how normal these guys were, Brad was even having himself a nice cigarette and just seemed like a totally normal guy.  These are the people who helped start the SHACK franchise with William Young.  These are both people who have been through a lot and yet still reach out to others, loving them and sharing God’s love.  Let’s continue to be that for other people, baby!


11 thoughts on “Don’t Harden Your Heart

  1. simpletruth4today

    People can really hurt each other and emotional wounds are the hardest to heal, especially if they are wounds upon wounds upon wounds that will never fully heal in this lifetime but you learn in time to forgive the people that hurt you and to even have a sense of peace with them but that process can take a long time and so the last thing you need is to go and discover ‘something else’ about them that opens up the wounds all over again! But that’s life isn’t it and we just have to deal with people and all of their emotional baggage and human ‘fleshly weaknesses’ and somehow find compassion and mercy in our hearts for them but it’s not easy though because the more knocks that we receive in life then the harder it becomes to get up again and so we go into a kind of survival mode where we slowly start closing ourselves off from the people that hurt us for fear of getting hurt all over again! “Lord, Help Us All to truly love like you love and to have mercy, compassion, and long-suffering towards those that use us and lie to us and hurt us and help those that hurt us to learn from their past mistakes and not to repeat them all over again!”

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