Was that Moses Generation the TFI who Forsook their Crowns?


If you’re reading this, it’s probably not referring to you.   however we all know scores of people who have given up on a dream, goal, or something at one point or another.  I’m curious when Mike Parsons mentions all these empty ridership positions in the Spirit…  could these at any time in the past have been occupied by faithful missionaries around the world and denominations such as TFI who once were open to such a high calling?


4 thoughts on “Was that Moses Generation the TFI who Forsook their Crowns?

  1. you could have very well hit the nail on the head Mike. My take in discussions with other seekers (of greater intimacy with YHVH) is that a large part of that is due to poor shepherds/In, and the body as a whole being kept on milk/ pablum instead of meat. Let’s face it, when a baby is fed because at that stage its needs are simple, it satiates the baby, and brings a feeling of satisfaction albeit temporaty til the next hunger manifests. It’s as one moves thru (the physical world here) stages of infancy, toddler, preadolescent, adolescent, and adutl, that life gets progressively less simple, more responsibility is addes, and eventually one is no longer (as adult) under a parent’s care, but is expected to be responsible for oneself. In the spiritual body, most haven’t progressed from infancy or maybe toddler, and hence as Paul said, they can’t handle the meat. I know I’m trying to learn how I quit trying to do it all in the arm of the flesh, by my own understanding and in my own strength/resources, and trust YHVH to take care of me in all spheres including spiritual growth. The natural man’s tendency is to say, “I got myself into this mess, so I guess I’m going to have to get myself out of it somehow”. Of course this presumes that the babies do so but in a different way – they look to a better job or whatever to solve issues. In Jeremiah 10 YHVH says “Every man is stupid from lack of knowledge..” and “For the pastors have become stupid, and they have not sought YAHWEH. Therefore they shall not be blessed…”. Jeremiah asks, “O YAHWEH correct me, only wiith judgment NOT in Your anger, that You do not bring me to nothing”. Sw we see he typified that attitude we’re all admonished to have in scripture where we despise not the correction of the Father because who He loves He chastens (disciplines) to refine us more into His image as embodied in His only begotten Son. I myself have been researching the extent of the commercial Babylon (Revelation 18) we’re all enslaved in where the game has been rigged (ie like rigged Monopoly) by the PTB (powers that be), the globalist elites, to enrich themselves and rob the people. Take the subject of Acceptance For Value, because the govts pledged the people and their property to the globalist banksters as collateral for the national debt / deficit, and thus implemented a system of registration so that they have legal title and the people have equitable title for which they pay all these taxes for the “privilege” of such, (and though the birth registration also holding title to YOU unless you know and take steps to correct that – see Rev.18:13 – the last item bought and sold in commerce is the bodies and souls of men).In return under the UCC which all courts operate under (they’re all Law Merchant courts) one cannot take something of value without consideration of value in return, thus a system of unlimited prepaid credit for the people (who are the first creditor of the govts), was set up, but we’re finding that in some countries it’s more difficult to access ie Canada is more difficult than US) and because of the banks being able to “twin the stream of revenue” and fill CAFR accounts, in order to make more mone, they are very resistant to the use of A4V as we’ve been discovering. A good explantion of this Babylon matrix, and how things should work (ie how we take back control) is on YouTube by a brother in Messiah, Daniel-Sidney: of the Rideout family, labelled Session 1 then 2, then 3. With what we’re gleaning from him, and other sources we’re asking YHVH our Father for His wisdom n how to “put it all together” in such a way that we can not only free ourselves (actually He frees us by revealing how) from the clutches of the commerce system wherein they control us, but instead learn how we can take back control so to speak, but also for the benefit of other members of His body, and our families.
    Sorry to go on at such length, and by the way, I hope you weren’t offended by my last comment re Chris’ remarks about Paul.

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    • Spectacular, brother, that’s a whole chapter in itself! May we move past the milk into the meat, and have the faith to recieve the crown of Life. Let no man take your crown! I take no offense against your comments, your words add a lot of new angels to the discussion. Angles and angels! The more the merrier, and we will destroy the forces of the PTB once we stop arguing about little things and start attacking the Enemy full force!


  2. Thanks for the post Michael. When you look at TFI’s history, they were definitely all out for the Gospel and were doing so many great things for God (particularly when David Berg was leading the group). One thing that strikes me about TFI, was their ability and drive to build on their own foundation, they actually went to the unsaved and unchurched and gathered new members from those crowds. I think two TFI members who are an inspiration at present is James Japan and yourself. James Japan has continued declaring the truth for years even after the TFI reboot. I remember being referred to James Japan’s website from Jeff Rense years ago. Your website and ministry is also fantastic Michael, and its brilliant that you keep us updated with videos about your missionary journey, as I think demonstrating evangelism is far more powerful than preaching to people. I think people like yourself and James Japan are keeping the sparks of TFI alive.


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