The Comment of the Millennium


  1. Michael Basham on Asthma Sufferers Should Consider Avoiding Processed Meat, Choose Mediterranean Diet

    Wow, I’m speechless and touched deeply by your letter. I had no clue about any sort of red/blue …


    8 hoursmountainveiwfinishes

    Hi Michael, I am in one of those goofy moods, i research ,research and study, then I really have to have comic relief. A moth goes into a podiatrist office, he says doc you got help me. doc says what’s up moth? doc my wife left me she taking everything ,and I don’t even care, my son wont even talk to me its breaks my heart, my daughter hates me like its all my fault, i thought it couldn’t get any worse but last night I got the drawer closed on me and it was full of mothballs,I almost choked to death can ya can ya help me doc? Moth moth i am a podiatrist you need a psychologist or counselor why did you come to my office? Moth says because your light was on.OK it was a bad joke.I do hope you’re feeling better.
    Taking back crowns, spirit wars means confrontation ,war, battle, skirmishes, clashes, hand to hand, and these demonic attacks, and these annoying illnesses, and you know when its demonic. Last two weeks inching, hemorrhoids, back ache ,heel ache. I Knew it was demonic, I ignored it as much as I could and it is all gone. Are we going to man up for the fight, brace ourselves for the backlash, and enjoy rewards of victory? Setting the captives free? You know Michael, I can say with all certainty your grandpa is awesomely proud of you.He is there with Jesus saying yo that’s my boy. You know what i have really experienced in these last years? Jesus really really likes us. When you can truly grasp that WOW! The kingdom of God goes wherever we go. If I go into a store, shop, or office I see boredom, concern and pain on so many faces, Most times when i walk out i see smiles,Its the Jesus and the kingdom of God we carry in us. { Oh the blue red pill movie matrix.}}
    Count me in manning up, It’s time. God is doing a great work in you and through you don’t in anyway let discouragement bug you, just brush that bug, moth off. Be good.This isn’t exactly a Pauline letter,but God is good. Oh ya the computer is not totally working right so feel free right now if you would rather send me an e-mail. Oh those demonic attacks just about the time I started listening to you.


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