Air Pollution Analyser Smart Gadget

We could definitely use these in Taipei! Not to mention anyone living in Beijing. . .


In the modern time of huge industrial development all over the world, air quality is one of the most crucial problems. Unfortunately, outdoors isn’t that bad – sometimes, the indoor air is even worse. That happens because many products that people use every day contain harmful gases. A lot of people spend the most part of their day working in an office or at home, so they are exposed to influence from these gases. But how do we stay healthy and safe? That’s where AirQ Check GS-01 from KINGMAX can help you out.

This little device, which looks like a flash drive, will be your personal “air expert”. It is a portable gas analyser, capable of detecting any bad materials floating indoors. AirQ Check GS-01 is fitted with a gas, temperature and humidity sensors, so you’ll have all the data about air quality in your home.

This gas analyser reaches…

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