Asthma Sufferers Should Consider Avoiding Processed Meat, Choose Mediterranean Diet


7 thoughts on “Asthma Sufferers Should Consider Avoiding Processed Meat, Choose Mediterranean Diet

  1. Hi Micheal,I’ve followed Doug Dietrich for a while and find him amazing, in this waking up walk as a christian, I find it very lonely. I have been praying for Douglas for sometime. A couple days ago I was pleasantly surprised to hear you on his show. WOW my prayers are being answered. You two seem to connect very special way I think it is awesome. I wont share much now but I wanted to tell you I also was in a covenant community in your grandfathers stream, My wife and I always felt his sincerity, honesty,and charity, a real example to follow. Your grandmother totally a mom to many including an inspiration to my wife. Much more to say and tell. I do want you to know that listening to you is a total encouragement.We will keep you in prayer.

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      • We live in the wonderful mountains of Asheville N.C. about two hours from Charlotte. I just spoke with some dear friends in Ohio and we found out that Alice your grandmother is in Charlotte.They also told us the difficulty’s she is experiencing. Our prayers are with her and your family. We are going to Charlotte this month for a health conference to hear Dr. Joel Wallach, who has degrees in agriculture, veterinary medicine, pathology , and has brought nine lawsuits against the FDA and won every suit.You can look him up on you tube if it triggers any interest for you. With that said Mary and I may try to set a time with permission from your family to visit with her while were in Charlotte.She is such sweet sweet person and is so easy to communicate with, you feel like a freedom to be able to share your heart with her. If we do get to visit her I will definitely let her know we talked and have your back with prayer. I got the feeling when I talked to my friends from Ohio, Brian and Bonnie that some of your family let’s say had some wonderment about you? I’ve been in this in this red blue pill zone for about Four + years ,and believe me my wife has had to endure a lot, but she is coming around. You said while interviewing Douglas that this new Quest for truth and new revealing has brought you into a place of peace and I would add for me also joy. I want you to know you do a great job interviewing, I’ve heard many many hours of Doug being interviewed by many people, you’re the best.he likes you and feels comfortable with you.I have researched many of the seemingly outlandishness statements he has made and each time to my jaw dropping moment he has been absolutely accurate. Well I could go on but I will spare you. For the first time in a long time I feel a kindred spirit. God is good.

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  2. Wow, I’m speechless and touched deeply by your letter. I had no clue about any sort of red/blue pill type stuff being true but my family has always had some wonderment about me, leaving for Japan when I was 17, doing missions in China and then ending up in Taiwan since i Was 25. .. 8 years ago, as a poor missionary one does not usually have the funds to travel back to see family without it being a one-way ticket. At the time I felt I was just following God’s call and He kept confimring the journey step-by-step, even had my find a copy of Deliver Us from Evil in my dorm at a Jesuit school in Tokyo. However later it became apparent that massive earth changes are coming and we need to be awake now. My family is waking up… slowly. From this “base” though it’s been incredible how many opportunities have arisen and I’m so thankful for what God gave me through my family. Every time I hear from someone who knows them and shares the kindred spirit, I feel a great sense of warmth and peace.

    Last night I went to bed listening to Ern Baxter and had a dream we found a mountain with 5 sides, each one was greatly fortified and able to defend this mountain, but hadn’t been used in a while. So maybe it’s time we take back some of those crowns that were cast aside back during the Covenant days? I’ve now seen the death of 2 movements and I just know God has more for us, even if most fall away.

    Thank you for your prayers for Douglas! I hope to do more shows with him in the future once my health returns! What was your wakeup-catalyst???

    Oh and do give my Granna a hug for me if you see her! What a cool thing! Tell her I love her, and would like to try and call on the phone if there’s a number… I need to ask my folks about that!

    God bless you, and here’s my skype:


    Michael Basham


    • Hi Michael, I am in one of those goofy moods, i research ,research and study, then I really have to have comic relief. A moth goes into a podiatrist office, he says doc you got help me. doc says what’s up moth? doc my wife left me she taking everything ,and I don’t even care, my son wont even talk to me its breaks my heart, my daughter hates me like its all my fault, i thought it couldn’t get any worse but last night I got the drawer closed on me and it was full of mothballs,I almost choked to death can ya can ya help me doc? Moth moth i am a podiatrist you need a psychologist or counselor why did you come to my office? Moth says because your light was on.OK it was a bad joke.I do hope you’re feeling better.
      Taking back crowns, spirit wars means confrontation ,war, battle, skirmishes, clashes, hand to hand, and these demonic attacks, and these annoying illnesses, and you know when its demonic. Last two weeks inching, hemorrhoids, back ache ,heel ache. I Knew it was demonic, I ignored it as much as I could and it is all gone. Are we going to man up for the fight, brace ourselves for the backlash, and enjoy rewards of victory? Setting the captives free? You know Michael, I can say with all certainty your grandpa is awesomely proud of you.He is there with Jesus saying yo that’s my boy. You know what i have really experienced in these last years? Jesus really really likes us. When you can truly grasp that WOW! The kingdom of God goes wherever we go. If I go into a store, shop, or office I see boredom, concern and pain on so many faces, Most times when i walk out i see smiles,Its the Jesus and the kingdom of God we carry in us. { Oh the blue red pill movie matrix.}}
      Count me in manning up, It’s time. God is doing a great work in you and through you don’t in anyway let discouragement bug you, just brush that bug, moth off. Be good.This isn’t exactly a Pauline letter,but God is good. Oh ya the computer is not totally working right so feel free right now if you would rather send me an e-mail. Oh those demonic attacks just about the time I started listening to you.

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      • I’m posting this!! My, brother you’re a mighty encourager. Out here in Outside-America Land there is a saying among missionaries that the number one prerequisite for being a successful missionary is having a good sense of humor. My Granna told me it was written in the Bible, somewhere there in 2nd Temptations!

        Praying for your complete recovery , please do rest as the devil is tempting lots of us with hyper activity when we should be sitting at Jesus’s feet! I love you!


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