A Simple Template for Emotional Healing

Had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Mr. Evans this morning, and am looking forward to how the Lord continues to evolve and expand his work!

The Matt Evans Blog


This is a template for releasing bitterness, shame, trauma, and other negative emotions (the “made simple” version).

We are relying on the work of the cross, and the promises in scripture of what it accomplishes to liberate us from painful emotions and strongholds. Isaiah 53 says that Jesus would “bear our griefs and carry our sorrows,” and John the Baptist preached that he would be “the lamb of God who takes away our sins.” I’ve found that these are literally true and reliable promises that the Lord will “take away our sins” and “bear our griefs and sorrows” so that we no longer have to. He does this miraculously.

To be successful at taking our junk to the cross, it can be important to learn a few practical things. First, it’s important to let the Lord into the real content of our hearts, which is why I’m going to advise…

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