Conspirinormal Episode 146- Dr. Future 5 (2016 Ends: What’s Next?)

​Dr. Future is one of the fathers of Fringe Christian Radio.   This is a hilarious rare interview, I nearly dropped the barbell at the gym and died listening to it.   Listen with caution!!

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Recorded December 18th, 2016

To end the momentous, tragic and frustrating year of 2016 we welcome back one of our most favorite guests, Dr. Future! We speak to Doc about where he sees the state of the nation and where he sees us heading. We also speak about some of his concerns about the rhetoric that is rife in the prophecy community concerning the election of Trump. We also explore some of the positions that some of the members of Trump’s cabinet espouse and what it may mean for the future.

In the outro we look back at some of our favorite shows and interviews from this year.

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2 thoughts on “Conspirinormal Episode 146- Dr. Future 5 (2016 Ends: What’s Next?)

  1. Well, Mike I don’t know how you will view my thoughts but for what it’s worth, here are some. While I respect the honest questions of the agnostic guy, who claims to have been raised Christian, I do not for one minute believe that the only thing that matters is LOVE AKA THE GOLDEN RULE. Also, I don’t agree that Yahsua came to abolish the law. He doesn’t understand niether for that matter does the Doc, there’s a rabbinical priinciple that Yahshua having studied under Caiaphas, was very familiar with. when 2 are discussing scriptural concepts, principles, etc, and 1 feels the other is undermining the meaning, he would say “you’re destroying / abolishing the law”. If the accused disagreed & instead felt he was expanding the meaningwhji he would reply “no I’m fulfilling it”. ie filling it fuller with meaning. Thus Yahshua said, He’d come not to destroy or abolish the law, because it will stay in effect til the new heaven and earth arrive, but He said he came to fulfill it. An example would be when He said “youve heard it said you shall not commit adultery” (one of the 10 commandments) “but I say unto you that whoever looks upon another with lust they’ve committed adultery in their heart.”.
    As to Quake I like a lot of what he says, but he tends to de emphasise some important points of faith, possibly to appear more more agreeable / reasonable to people like that agnostic. While he makes many good points and cautions to be aware of so as not to fall into a snare, I’m not convinced that “prophecy is all self-fulfilling” for one.

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  2. I noticed too late that I made some typos in my rush before I left for work. I do apologise for that – If I had a way to send you a document I mailed to the Doc, I think you would find it interesting and fodder for discussion

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