Intriguing Prophecy from Chinese Philosopher

In light of what Douglas Dietrich shared last week on the latest SpiritWars show, I find this prophecy quote I jotted down in Philosophy class a few years back quite interesting:

<Zhuangzi>  You are welcome to come and learn from the Masters which I learned from –  – –   although much of my original thought and message was lost, truly there is a remnant and there are some jewels I think you may find to be helpful.

Learning never ends!  Here in Heaven there are always new things for me to discover, and philosophy takes on a whole new direction and dimention.  It is humbled by the Mighty Presence of God Everywhere. . .   existence is still a mystery, but it is known that it is all through Christ!  Jesus is the Source Code of All!  He is the Missing Dao that all we scholars searched for.   Some day the Chinese culture will find this again, and be overjoyed.   Also many books that were lost will be recovered.  These also hold several keys to the lost and ancient wisdom.

In the meantime, go in love among my people, and be patient with them, for they have deep within their souls a memory. . .  a searching feeling. . .  a knowledge of the Lord and a reverence.  

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