Live Now SpiritWars 000000022 With Carmel!

We’re discussing the weapon of calling on our Heavenly Helpers, continuing from last time.   Welcome, welcome!


4 thoughts on “Live Now SpiritWars 000000022 With Carmel!

  1. simpletruth4today

    It’s good to see people trying. I always remember when I was a little boy, back then most people had coal fires. I was the sort of person who lit fires from a early age, it was my job as well as my brother’s to light the fire as soon as you got up in the morning so you’d clear all the ashes out from yesterday with a shovel and bung them out on the garden somewhere and then you’d get loads of old newspaper, screw each sheet up into a ball and put them in the grate and then you’d get loads of little bits of wood and some logs and a few pieces of coal and then you’d strike the match and light the fire. Sometimes the fire would ignite and burn nice and brightly but at other times the fire would go out and so you kind of had to start all over again so it’s not always easy lighting a fire as sometimes they burn brightly and at other times not so bright but at the end of the day it’s not always for the lack of trying. Part of the problem was often the wood itself in that it was damp and even the logs could be damp and the coal could sometimes be too large so all being said, it’s kind of a balancing act and it’s up to us all to do our bit no matter who we are, whether we are the sheets of newspaper or whether we are the sticks or the logs or even the coal but then most important of all is to have that spark that comes from the match. If you can’t find a match then I suppose we’ll all have to go back to the days when you would bash two stones together in order to create a spark. So we all need each other and even the spark needs each other for where two or three are gathered together in my name (Jesus), there am I in the midst of them so thanks for your spark here, no matter how small the spark, it can still even light a forest fire – Praise Jesus from Terry listening in as Karen played it!

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    1. Carmel is a dear sweetheart and she always puts up with my antics somehow… we hope to invite any other good dear willing victims to join us in these readings in the future! Want to have another good ol fashioned MO letter reading? This channel might just be the place!


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