A New Warrior has Arrived!


God has really been bringing some awesome people into my life recently!


3 thoughts on “A New Warrior has Arrived!

  1. Hi Mike, it’s with a somehat heavy heart that I read 2 articles at http://www.illuminati-news.com/wes070906.htm
    they are linked to on the left on the page under the picture of Cisco Wheeler.
    I say heavy heart because it illustrates to us, that if one doesn’t submit to authority (proper covering in realm of spirit) and allows themselves to carried away (probably with the excitement that accompanies learning about stuff that has been hidden) & as the writer of one of the articles said ministry especially spriitual warfare must be accompanied by much prayer and at times fasting. These things combined will help to protect against the massive assault the enemy will launch against anyone exposing / threatening thereby, his agenda at work in this world.
    Even the writer says a lot of what Fritz exposed was real and valuable, but it was mixed with some confusion, probably from his being over zealously caught up in the dark stuff he was confronted with. However there’s no excuse for immorality, and rebellion, or misguided violence due to considering yourself The Army of God, and that He sanctions what you think is the way He wants you to address problems / issues/ sin or whatever.I myself didn’t want to believe it but the evidence is there, and with a heavy heart I am saddened by the loss of what could be a mighy warrior of the Spirit because the enemy knew what weaknesses he had and how to derail him thru them. Again, this can be avoided if we’re walking in the light, praying without ceasing s thw Word commends to us, fasting in order to tune ourselves sharper to the voice of YAHWEH by His Spirit, and being part of an assembly of balancing members of the body of Chirst (Messiah) who can be used to spot things in us we mayn’t see and thus help us not to be derailed.

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