This sure came true! Let’s get on board with Reality and the Future of the Truth Himself!


I think about my Christian brethren and the rallying call we once followed to get behind Jesus and forsake all, and the sense of destiny and the climactic world events which were going to involve all of us in the endtime. I think about those who were very purehearted about the need to fight for one’s faith and position as a prophet in the endtime. The audacity of the radical doctrines, the call to be a disciple, and to hate this world’s system – — to be separate from it. What happened to that?

Listening to the infowar and the amazing headway the alternative media is making now as the disinformation of the new world order is collapsing under Bengazi-gate and the Snowden nsA grid exposure, and now the recent Syrian war hoax with the united states government backing al quieda in Syria butchering children and doing gruesome things to…

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2 thoughts on “ WHERE ARE THE DISCIPLES?

    • You are a disciple, brother! I have decreed it from the holy councils of the Temples of Discipleship! (just kidding) I know it says that ” you choose to be chosen” and we have to make that choice every day.


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